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want to know about us ?

IKTISASS stands for ‘Smart Selangor Technical Skills and Expertise Initiative’ is one of the
main pillars of the Selangor State Government’s agenda and initiative in the development of
skilled manpower resources at various levels of student marketability that can meet the
needs of the entire industry sector, further acting as a catalyst for increased investment
from outside and in the country to Selangor. IKTISASS provides a platform for the target
group to obtain skill training in line with current and future technological developments.
IKTISASS is an initiative program of the Selangor State Government to provide opportunities
for millennials to work on skills training to ensure marketability with high income and
increase the value chain of human capital.

To become a world-class skills training entity of
excellence for lifelong learning to build human
capital and skills in the State of Selangor through
Professional Technical and Vocational Education
and Training (Profesional TVET).

Provide TVET learning leadership with best practices,
innovations, quality assurance and skills
training capable of conducting education and
skills training with systematic applied research
works on sustainable human capital development as a
catalyst in increasing domestic and
foreign direct investment in the latest industrial
revolution and economic development for the
State of Selangor.